Ticket of a Lifetime

Cedar Point Celebrates 150 Years

CAMPAIGN: Cedar Point Amusement Park is like no other park in the world. Opening in 1870, it boasts 18 world-class roller coasters.
2020 marks their 150th anniversary and they celebrated the milestone by giving away 150 “Tickets of a Lifetime”. Each recipient would receive a lifetime pass for themselves and three friends.
(*postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19)

CHALLENGE: To create a unique award which incorporates a representation of a ticket, something specific only to Cedar Point and wrap it in a commemorative box

SOLUTION: Using timber from one of Cedar Point’s roller coasters, Edventure curated the best pieces, cut them to size, routed out a well for the award and lacquered them to highlight the natural wood. The ticket is a custom, die-cast bronze card which is embedded in 1” thick acrylic and then adorned with a personalized engraved plate with each recipient’s name. The keepsake box is designed to display and protect the award. The sleeve design allows you to see the branding on the box and award at the same time vs. a flip-open lid style.