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Where The Memorable Meets The Measurable.

Do you want to be cool and different? You bet. But being cool and different isn’t enough.

You also want the goal of having a product that opens the door for you to obtain a treasure trove of insights from prospective clients to make a sale too.

It’s an approach that goes way beyond putting your logo on a shiny new pen.


No wonder Edventure asks a very different kind of question right out of the gate:

Can this big idea be logistically executed and under budget?

Who is our audience? What are all the elements we need to have in place to ensure our campaign is a success? Why do you want to buy promotional products? On that last question in particular, you might answer, “So people remember me when they want to buy something.”

Can you really afford to wait until whenever that moment down the road is, though?

No. Because HOPE is not a “*@#$%” strategy!

You’re in a room with 100 qualified prospects.

They are all willing, ready and able to buy your product or service. All you need to do is ask for the order.

How much would you spend to talk to each of them?

One dollar? Five dollars? Heck no! Most people would spend a LOT more than that to have conversations with qualified prospects. So why give away an item that only costs a dollar or two? Do you think that’s going to be very effective in reaching your goal?

See, when you’re talking to Edventure, you have a partner who challenges you to think harder about the items you want to buy and what you really need to achieve in a room full of qualified prospects.

Let’s talk about your close rate and average sale. Then let’s put that formula in our implementation calculator so we can be certain of two things:

  1. The idea we develop for you has an impact so powerful, it can create sales.
  2. We can accurately estimate the revenue you’ll generate from this piece.