Swag Guys Don’t Get Data and ROI.
We Get It, Love It And Power It.

the bigger picture of your goals communicated

There’s More To Your Nonprofit Than What’s In A Bag And Wowing People For A Couple Of Days.

Sure, getting people excited to wear that purpose of yours regularly via some cool merchandise wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. But there are still goals to meet, an impact to make and metrics to reach.

Good thing you’ve got Edventure on hand to produce that merchandise, host an eStore for its purchase and most importantly, deliver the technology to measure the profitability of every piece you sell. After all, you may be a nonprofit, but that doesn’t mean understanding your level of spending is non-important.

With Edventure providing you the technological and creative engine to power your merchandise, you can better quantify your marketing as you keep moving forward toward new opportunities to communicate how your organization makes the world a better place. 

It’s time you had a relationship with a marketing partner who sees beyond the swag bag, appreciates your vision as their own and imagines all the possibilities for making measurable change together.

Your energy toward a cause is immeasurable. For everything else, there’s a place to ensure every cent you spend toward marketing your nonprofit is well accounted for.

That’s your Edventure.