Is This Really Happening? ARCHIVE

Brace Yourself.
We’re Really About To Make A Scene.

It’s nothing until you’ve seen it augmented

You’re in a hotel room without checking in. You’ve placed new furniture in your home without buying anything. You’re halfway around the world, walking the streets of a city without flying on a plane.

How is this happening? How did we get here?

It’s the augmented reality technology we’re making happen at Edventure to help you take your audience to immersive experiences with the click of a button, so it feels almost as natural as being there. Welcome to the next level of storytelling – not just a commercial or video but with full-on interactivity.

Yet it’s not all for show. We’re able to provide analytics behind all of this interaction too, including where it’s been watched, how long it’s been viewed and what buttons in particular have been clicked. We can create business rules where certain content will play in a geographical area like Chicago versus other content in another geographical area like New York. And multiple ways for people to respond.

Let’s take a look at how Edventure can help your digital assets make a scene that works smarter in applications like these:

Corporate Spokesperson

Your next corporate event has promotional marketing materials of all kinds, one of which is a t-shirt with a QR code on it. “Hmm, that’s interesting,” your next prospective customer thinks. “I think I’ll scan this code on my shirt with my phone to see what happens.” This opens a website for them. Suddenly, a spokesperson walks across the screen and thanks them for scanning the code, spending three minutes talking through a very specific, instructional message.

You can also bring this experience to a card, water bottle, practically anything you can put a QR code on. And best of all, Edventure handles it all for you from start to finish – the idea, the manufacturing, the production, the works. All adding up to a powerful execution they won’t soon forget.

What about an experience that’s completely online? No problem. The corporate spokesperson effect can be applied without any code to power it. Edventure can shoot a video of a team member and merge the augmented reality effect with your website to show the individual “walking” across the screen, accentuating critical points of the website along the way.

This could be useful for service-based businesses to bring a more “human” approach to the table.

Product Placement

If they’re in your store or showroom, they can see, touch and feel the merchandise, but even then, they still can’t know what it looks like in their space without buying it.

Or can they?

Edventure can help you create an augmented reality application that captures the image of one of your products and enables the customer to view it at 100% of scale.

Let’s say you’re an office furniture manufacturer with dozens of different kinds of desks and chairs in your inventory. Why don’t we capture the image of each item through our phones and then “place” it right in a picture of our work environment? We can. Or you’re a paint supplier. What does that paint look like on someone’s wall? Forget swatches and holding them up to a wall when you can scan a can or card of that color, apply it to a picture of the room and then voila! You know what the paint looks like on your wall.


How does a nonprofit achieve two of its primary goals of building awareness of its mission and gathering donations?

Let’s say a nonprofit is running a full-page ad in a publication. The ad happens to feature a QR code on the ad. You scan the QR code with your phone, which sends you to a video featuring the nonprofit’s CEO. Edventure has filmed that video, but we’ve also done it against a green screen so that she can appear as a holographic image making a speech.

Now we’ve used augmented reality to have a CEO speaking as a holograph, complete with call-to-action buttons such as “Click Here To Volunteer,” “Click Here To Donate” and “Click Here To Buy Merchandise.”

What’s more, we can add image carousels to bring in additional content that wasn’t in the original print ad. We can include Facebook feeds and Twitter feeds. The traditional advertising environment just extended into a much bigger world for your audience to explore – all off of just one ad.


Remember our CEO from the nonprofit who appears as a holographic image? With the buttons next to her that you can click on? Click on the one that says, “Click Here To Buy Merchandise” and you’re taken to an eStore, where there are t-shirts, hats and all kinds of merchandise to buy to support their cause.

The complete education-to-sale pipeline has been brought to life with a store Edventure is able to create, design, build, host and produce merchandise for so you can fulfill customer orders. Edventure’s vast experience and strong eCommerce capability combines to deliver the most comprehensive relationship for supporting your organization possible.