Every Trip and Stay Comes Down To This Moment Of Truth.
One We Were Born Ready For.

a guest experience that’s highly elevated

How Will You Make Them Feel Like They’re The Only Guest That Matters?

Right now, someone is checking into your hotel for a weekend stay. They’ve just become a guest in your hotel. Everything you do from this point forward is going to be graded. What will you delight them with?

Here’s a way. With their room key, you give them a special card with a QR code they scan with their phone.

Suddenly, whoooosh! They’ve opened a portal they “walk” into so they feel like they’re immersed in an art exhibit. Which, actually, they are – it’s a new interactive art exhibit in town. They can take a few steps forward as if they’re walking through a door. They can stand in the middle of a room and turn themselves around 360 degrees. And to experience all of this in real life, they click on a button to buy a ticket while they’re virtual.

Wow. What a win for your property to give them an unexpected experience. And a major win for the museum to excite a potential visitor’s senses far beyond merely advertising an exhibit.

These are the moments of truth that turn guests into return guests and visitors into annual members. Edventure is at the center of moments like these to help hotels, museums and state tourism boards get more people coming back, time after time.

As we do, we’ll be able to go deeper into your customer data than you’ve probably ever been before. So we can not only create fresh ideas for your industry space. We can print support materials to reinforce your customer’s purchase and show you the meaning behind every data point that ties directly to another visit.

They say you can’t measure loyalty when it’s this good. At Edventure, we absolutely do.