IDEAS TO LEAVE YOU Delighted Amazed Dazzled Excited Captivated Surprised Inspired Overjoyed Elated Motivated Rejuvenated Invigorated Step Into Our Office. It’s Located In Another World.

Creating Extraordinary Ideas From:


You receive a postcard in the mail. Curious, you scan the QR code – just then, you’re launched into another moment in time.

Welcome to the augmented reality experience known as edventureVU.

With edventureVU, you can do things like “walk” around a scene in front of you. As you move your phone, there’s a different and unique experience to explore.

You See:


A hotel with rooms you can check out up close before you check in.


A design showroom with furniture you can preview in your living room.


A retailer with associates who “pop up” on screen talking about the in-store merchandise

And we’re just getting warmed up.

How do you get here?

How is any of this possible?

How do you get here? How is any of this possible?

Thank a company called Edventure.

You’ve just experienced what happens when the Edventure team takes a standard piece of advertising and, through the augmented reality of edventureVU, transforms it into the most creative version of itself. Ever.

And that’s not all.

Step 1

Schedule a meeting with Edventure

Step 2

We discuss how applications of Web AR can be used for your marketing, event and promotional initiatives.

Step 3

Edventure and you collaborate on a more formal marketing plan for Web AR that syncs up with your campaign / event calendar

Step 4

Edventure creates test applications of Web AR for your review and approval

Step 5

Upon approval, Edventure implements the actual Web AR environment on your behalf in front of your most coveted future customers.

Step 6

Post-campaign / event, Edventure shares laser-focused customer insights from Web AR initiative.

Data is Power.
Get Ready To Become A Superhero.

Whether you’re an advertising agency, nonprofit, hotel or another industry, there’s one thing you always need to persuade bosses and clients to move forward: Data. Not just collecting as much valuable data as possible. That’s easy. No, what you need is a rock-solid way to measure the success of an engagement and drive the prospect to take action.

Hey, come to think of it, what if you could realize the full ROI of your ideas even before you brought them to life? Imagine that. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Well, guess what: You can.

Bring Edventure To The Table To Bring Your Big Ideas To Life.

Let’s say you’ve just come up with an amazing idea that everybody is wonderfully excited about. You still have to make sure that grand, mind-blowing concept sees the light of day and isn’t just one more idea that doesn’t get produced due to cost and logistics. Right?

That’s where Edventure comes in. We’re your partner to bridge the gap between the idea in your brainstorming room to a real, tangible impact for your client’s brand in the marketplace. You focus on the concept creation. We’ll do our part to ensure all of the details, dollars and math are in your favor.

Unpredictable creativity with fully predictable revenue and results.
Like the sound of that? We think your clients will too.