Dark Horse Wins Big

Dark Horse Wine & Stopper

CAMPAIGN: New Product Launch for Dark Horse Big Red Blend

CHALLENGE: Create branded premium representing the Dark Horse logo with a perceived value of $10. Additionally, the premium had to be visible but not accessible enough to be stolen and the packaging couldn’t be larger than 3.5”W x 3.5”D x 10.25”H.

SOLUTION:   Design a custom die-cast replica of the horse head-shaped Dark Horse logo and affix it to a bottle stopper whose quality far exceeded the $10.00 value goal. The brilliance of the design was the cone-shaped stopper base and inward-folding corner section of the box which auto-tightened around the stopper’s base to keep it in place without the need of additional aids.

RESULTS:   The campaign sold out within 3 days of hitting the shelves!