Crack the “C” Suite

Elite Staffing Executive Level Lead-Gen

CAMPAIGN: New business campaign targeted at the top 40 client prospects which the sales team had not been able to ‘crack’.

CHALLENGE: Develop an attention-getting campaign targeted to CEO’s which would intrigue the recipient enough to call the Elite Acct. Exec before the Acct. Exec needed to follow up. We needed to create a sophisticated message delivered within an unorthodox package.

SOLUTION: Building the campaign around our own creative message: “The perfect combination of temporary employment and staffing solutions”, focused on building partnerships at the highest level of the organization.

We branded die-cast combination safes and shipped in plain white boxes to each of the 40 hardest to reach prospects. When opening the box, the recipient would see a card with the new slogan. The backside of the card read, “Elite Staffing guarantees a ‘Win-Win’ partnership alongside pictures of three premium items, one of which was pre-loaded in the safe. Only a call to the combination-holding Account Exec would reveal their guaranteed win which was easy because each card had a personal signature and contact info of the Elite A.E.

RESULTS: 16 respondents reflected a 40% Return-on-Objective (ROO). And of those 16 hot leads, eight submitted RFP’s which resulted in three new clients for Elite Staffing.