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Malman Law PPE Amenity Kit

CAMPAIGN: When your only reason to be in business is to ensure protection against injustice, you’d better be prepared when a pandemic takes over.

CHALLENGE: To quickly develop a brand-centric PPE amenity kit to provide Malman Law’s more than 2000 clients enough protective gear to last until the retailers could stock their shelves to service the Chicagoland area.

SOLUTION: PIVOT, PIVOT, PIVOT! We literally switched from event-based merchandise to PPE overnight. By using our merchandising expertise, we did more than create sanitizers, masks, and wipes. Each embossed pouch was shrink-wrapped to give Malman’s clients a high degree of confidence the contents were not compromised .

Babybel Influencer Spiffs

CAMPAIGN: Babybel wanted to create merchandise for influencers, to be ready for their Summer 2020 campaign. Edelman was tasked with creating the design production and finding a way to appeal to both adults and kids. The merchandise sets included a bamboo bento lunch box for adults, collapsible plastic lunch boxes for kids, custom round coin purse, and custom pencil case.

CHALLENGE: Finding existing objects which matched the concept images of those the agency created.

SOLUTION: While we were able to modify existing bento boxes with non-standard decoration methods of decals and laser engraving, neither the pencil case nor coin purse existed. So, we designed them to client spec’s and produced two unique products which never previously existed.

Dark Horse Wine & Stopper

CAMPAIGN: New Product Launch for Dark Horse Big Red Blend

CHALLENGE: Create branded premium representing the Dark Horse logo with a perceived value of $10. Additionally, the premium had to be visible but not accessible enough to be stolen and the packaging couldn’t be larger than 3.5”W x 3.5”D x 10.25”H.

SOLUTION:   Design a custom die-cast replica of the horse head-shaped Dark Horse logo and affix it to a bottle stopper whose quality far exceeded the $10.00 value goal. The brilliance of the design was the cone-shaped stopper base and inward-folding corner section of the box which auto-tightened around the stopper’s base to keep it in place without the need of additional aids.

RESULTS:   The campaign sold out within 3 days of hitting the shelves!

HP Cyber-Security Lead-Gen Kit

CAMPAIGN: HP launched a full court press for their Secure Printing equipment and services. Using Hollywood celebrity Christian Slater and Michael Calce*, HP wanted to drive home the seriousness of cyber threats to CIO’s of Fortune 5000 companies and other enterprises.

CHALLENGE: Create an interactive and measurable experience within a secure network. The experience could not require the recipient to tap into the internet, even on their own secured Wi-Fi network. This eliminated Augmented Reality (AR), QR codes, or NFC technology which left us with only one option: Virtual Reality (VR).

SOLUTION: Created an untethered, ready-to-use VR mounted viewing experience using Michael Calce as the human narrator. We immersed him into a Hacker’s Lair (an animated, 3-D environment) which could only be experienced by wearing the Oculus VR viewer. We co-wrote the script, produced the entire 3-D environment, directed the video production, produced the Oculus to custom tech spec’s (all before Facebook launched their version) pre-loaded and tested the VR viewers to 14 different QC thresholds.

RESULTS: HP created the perfect tool for their sales team using technology to demonstrate in real time what could happen if the CIO’s didn’t secure their networks! Though HP does not divulge their sales results, we understand that all their sales goals were exceeded which eliminated the need to create another campaign.

*Michael Calce is a security expert and former computer hacker from Île Bizard, Quebec who launched a series of highly publicized denial-of-service attacks in February 2000 against large commercial websites, including Yahoo!,,, Dell, Inc., E*TRADE, eBay, and CNN

Art Institute of Chicago Membership Drive

CHALLENGE:  Every year, upon renewing your membership, you receive a new tote bag and membership card. There are only so many variations to a tote bag, how could you come up with something different AND represent the world-renowned branding of AIC?

SOLUTION: Sometimes, we even surprise ourselves! Edventure created something which had never been produced before, anywhere! A CUBE shaped, packable tote in the exact PMS colors of AIC’s corporate palette Including the zippers and the carabiner too!

Because the membership card could not fit into the pre-packed tote, we created a custom printed card holder box with a step-and-repeat logo print covering the outside.

Elite Staffing Mid-Market Lead-Gen Kit

CAMPAIGN: New business campaign targeted at the middle-market client prospects which the sales team had not been able to ‘crack’.

CHALLENGE: Develop a Call-To-Action campaign targeted to HR Director to demonstrate the level of personalized service Elite Staffing delivers as a trusted vendor partner.

SOLUTION: Building the campaign around our own creative message “I can PERSONNELize a staffing solution that works for you, just like I personalized your pen. Using a play on words ‘personal’ withpersonnel’, we created a highly personalized direct mail campaign.

Choosing a Waterman® Rollerball pen to convey its high degree of commitment, Elite had each recipient’s name engraved on the pen’s cap and placed only those caps in custom tray boxes separate from the actual pens. Each salesperson’s signature and contact information were printed directly on the box tray with a message instructing prospects to call their rep for a meeting in order to receive the pen!

RESULTS: A total of 280 box mailers were sent. Contact was made with 205 prospects achieving a 73% Return-on-Objective (ROO). Edventure received personal phone calls from the Elite Staffing AE’s thanking us for helping get into accounts they’ve been calling on for three years!

New Amsterdam Vodka Value-Added Pack

CAMPAIGN: New Product Launch for New Amsterdam Vodka

CHALLENGE: Create the packaging and an intriguing offering geared toward millennials to get them them to try New Amsterdam brand’s newest spirit. Of course, we had to stay under $4.00/pack for both premium items while being limited by fixed dimensions, most of which was used by the bottle (as it should be).

SOLUTION: Shot Glass + Playing cards + New Amsterdam Vodka = a great time!  Producing an unusually shaped deck of cards in a branded translucent case worked perfectly. Behind the scenes, Edventure printed the box, created the custom vacuum-formed tray, and packed-out case quantities for each of 240 locations.

RESULTS:  Entire inventory sold out within 5 days of hitting store shelves!

Elite Staffing Executive Level Lead-Gen

CAMPAIGN: New business campaign targeted at the top 40 client prospects which the sales team had not been able to ‘crack’.

CHALLENGE: Develop an attention-getting campaign targeted to CEO’s which would intrigue the recipient enough to call the Elite Acct. Exec before the Acct. Exec needed to follow up. We needed to create a sophisticated message delivered within an unorthodox package.

SOLUTION: Building the campaign around our own creative message: “The perfect combination of temporary employment and staffing solutions”, focused on building partnerships at the highest level of the organization.

We branded die-cast combination safes and shipped in plain white boxes to each of the 40 hardest to reach prospects. When opening the box, the recipient would see a card with the new slogan. The backside of the card read, “Elite Staffing guarantees a ‘Win-Win’ partnership alongside pictures of three premium items, one of which was pre-loaded in the safe. Only a call to the combination-holding Account Exec would reveal their guaranteed win which was easy because each card had a personal signature and contact info of the Elite A.E.

RESULTS: 16 respondents reflected a 40% Return-on-Objective (ROO). And of those 16 hot leads, eight submitted RFP’s which resulted in three new clients for Elite Staffing.


CAMPAIGN: In conjunction with the opening of their Modern Wing, AIC initiated a rebranding of the museum and BBDO was tasked with creating a program to engage the community with a 500-ways of looking Modern Campaign. Each cube is numbered and marked with registration instructions. Once a found cube is registered online by its finder, anyone can participate in that cube’s activity.

Once a cube is found and registered, then what? After Jan. 31, all 500 cubes’ participants and their related projects will be considered for a related exhibition to be staged at the Art Institute in early March.

CHALLENGE: Turning the seemingly impossible into a verifiable reality. We were tasked to create 500, nearly indestructible, weatherproof cubes, in AIC’s exact PMS color, including unique URL and numbered (sequentially) on each cube.

SOLUTION: We started with custom PMS dyed polymer pellets which were then extruded into solid, ¼” thick sheets. Each sheet was subsequently laser cut into 10”x10” panels, screen printed with either the logo, or URL / sequential numbering. To complete, each cube was then meticulously hand-assembled

Cedar Point Celebrates 150 Years

CAMPAIGN: Cedar Point Amusement Park is like no other park in the world. Opening in 1870, it boasts 18 world-class roller coasters.
2020 marks their 150th anniversary and they celebrated the milestone by giving away 150 “Tickets of a Lifetime”. Each recipient would receive a lifetime pass for themselves and three friends.
(*postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19)

CHALLENGE: To create a unique award which incorporates a representation of a ticket, something specific only to Cedar Point and wrap it in a commemorative box

SOLUTION: Using timber from one of Cedar Point’s roller coasters, Edventure curated the best pieces, cut them to size, routed out a well for the award and lacquered them to highlight the natural wood. The ticket is a custom, die-cast bronze card which is embedded in 1” thick acrylic and then adorned with a personalized engraved plate with each recipient’s name. The keepsake box is designed to display and protect the award. The sleeve design allows you to see the branding on the box and award at the same time vs. a flip-open lid style.