You Sell The Kickass Creative.
We Produce It Under Budget
You Look Like A Rock Star.

your agency’s approach. even more evolved

Could it really be this easy? Yes.

Advertising agencies, marketing firms and PR firms partner with Edventure because we bring total reliability, clarity and resourcefulness to a fast-paced industry. There’s less traffic to manage. Deadlines are kept. Budgets are managed. Obstacles are met with solutions and ideas first, not more questions.

How do we help you do that?

We start by anticipating everything you need from a product execution standpoint, including a client portal that supplies you with total transparency on fulfillment, including artwork, invoices, packaging, tracking, the works. There’s just no grey area about how, where or when your creative product is being brought to life.

Next, we give you some much-needed peace of mind on the precise ROI and Return On Opportunity (ROO) associated with your campaign or event.

For example, how much would your client’s business be impacted if you were to deliver, say…a coaster?

And what if this simple coaster could deliver sophisticated insights?

What if it could “tell” you when it was viewed, where it was viewed, the degree of engagement it created and even the conversion rate?

We know. “It’s just a coaster!” If you look at us like we’re crazy, you won’t be the first one.

Here’s the thing: It may look like a little coaster, but think about all the elements involved with producing it. There’s going to be photography. And printing. And project management. And logistics.

Hey, these dollars are kind of adding up, aren’t they?

They sure are. So, the better we can pinpoint every one of those dollars and cents now, the better you can show your client the following: Killer creative with a piece that pays for itself and then some with a quantifiable return on investment, pain-free production and massive business intelligence. Even before the campaign or event.