A Virtual Gamechanger

HP Cyber-Security Lead-Gen Kit

CAMPAIGN: HP launched a full court press for their Secure Printing equipment and services. Using Hollywood celebrity Christian Slater and Michael Calce*, HP wanted to drive home the seriousness of cyber threats to CIO’s of Fortune 5000 companies and other enterprises.

CHALLENGE: Create an interactive and measurable experience within a secure network. The experience could not require the recipient to tap into the internet, even on their own secured Wi-Fi network. This eliminated Augmented Reality (AR), QR codes, or NFC technology which left us with only one option: Virtual Reality (VR).

SOLUTION: Created an untethered, ready-to-use VR mounted viewing experience using Michael Calce as the human narrator. We immersed him into a Hacker’s Lair (an animated, 3-D environment) which could only be experienced by wearing the Oculus VR viewer. We co-wrote the script, produced the entire 3-D environment, directed the video production, produced the Oculus to custom tech spec’s (all before Facebook launched their version) pre-loaded and tested the VR viewers to 14 different QC thresholds.

RESULTS: HP created the perfect tool for their sales team using technology to demonstrate in real time what could happen if the CIO’s didn’t secure their networks! Though HP does not divulge their sales results, we understand that all their sales goals were exceeded which eliminated the need to create another campaign.

*Michael Calce is a security expert and former computer hacker from Île Bizard, Quebec who launched a series of highly publicized denial-of-service attacks in February 2000 against large commercial websites, including Yahoo!, Fifa.com, Amazon.com, Dell, Inc., E*TRADE, eBay, and CNN