CAMPAIGN: In conjunction with the opening of their Modern Wing, AIC initiated a rebranding of the museum and BBDO was tasked with creating a program to engage the community with a 500-ways of looking Modern Campaign. Each cube is numbered and marked with registration instructions. Once a found cube is registered online by its finder, anyone can participate in that cube’s activity.

Once a cube is found and registered, then what? After Jan. 31, all 500 cubes’ participants and their related projects will be considered for a related exhibition to be staged at the Art Institute in early March.

CHALLENGE: Turning the seemingly impossible into a verifiable reality. We were tasked to create 500, nearly indestructible, weatherproof cubes, in AIC’s exact PMS color, including unique URL and numbered (sequentially) on each cube.

SOLUTION: We started with custom PMS dyed polymer pellets which were then extruded into solid, ¼” thick sheets. Each sheet was subsequently laser cut into 10”x10” panels, screen printed with either the logo, or URL / sequential numbering. To complete, each cube was then meticulously hand-assembled