The Bait

The BAIT is what you use to capture the attention of that specific audience you want to engage.

It doesn't have to be shiny and spin (although who wouldn't chomp at that), however, it does need to be relevant and have a utility/usefulness.

Choose the bait that will attract the type of customer you want to catch, not the bait that any prospect will bite at.

Bait should be useful and under $5.00/ea.

Click HERE to view Bait examples.

The Hook

The HOOK is the Call-To-Action that asks your prospect to take the next step. Attached to the BAIT, the HOOK is often presented as a hang tag, an insert card or printed directly on the item. The HOOK asks your prospect to do something specific.

The most successful HOOKs will lead your prospect to a custom designed landing page which creates the ability to track activity and measure the engagement of your Promo-bait campaign.

The Reel

The REEL, presented on your HOOK, is a high perceived value item that compels your prospect to take your Call-To-Action. It is the reason they are willing to take the chance to hear what you have to say.

The REEL creates the next opportunity to engage with your prospect. The most effective way to do this is to deliver the REEL in person.

Click HERE to view Reel examples.

Need some inspiration? Check out the below examples of TRADESHOW-bait campaigns