Product Development


Turning Imagination Into Reality

Where do you turn when you need a promotional product designed to meet your specifications? Faced with the dilemma, CNO asked us to design a board that would easily enable them to track sales performance. We commissioned a manufacturer in China to develop a magnetic ?brag board? according to our specs. Having never previously existed in our industry, the final version rewarded special magnets to salespeople after reaching certain milestones.

Design & Concepting

We discover exactly what you want

The process starts here. EP vets the details, gathers all relative brand /assets, interviews the client, creates the rough sketches, and then engineers all drawings and handmade prototypes.

Quality Control/Safety

We test our products to verify they're 100% safe

If what we make isn't safe, nothing else matters.



While our importing process might appear effortless, it's anything but. By continuously analyzing and examining everything from modes of transportation and duties to taxes, customs and domestic logistics (including truck and/or rail), we sweat the details to coordinate everything without error.

Did You Know?

  • Pie chart of products sold by category: Apparel 28%, Pens 11%, Bags 8%, Desk accessories and awards/Recog. both 5%