Branded Merchandise


Narrow Minded...and Proud of it

You know you need to do something to promote your company, but you're not sure what that should be. You don't want an endless assortment of options; you want the right product at the right price for your specific audience.

Edventure Promotions knows the promotional products that people like to buy, and just as importantly, why they like to buy them. By identifying the right product categories and the right price points, we produce branded merchandise that produces positive reactions, starts conversations and enhances your brand. Plus, we ensure maximum ROO (Return on Objective) by leveraging industry-tested insights gleaned from our 15 years of promotions experience.

Event & Trade Show Merchandise

Like shooting fish in a barrel

Product Launches

A great way to start a conversation

Executive Gifts

What do you get the CEO who has everything?

Awards / Incentives / Thanks yous

Personal and personalized

Did You Know?

  • 43% of U.S. consumers own a promotional shirt
  • Among traditional ad specialities, 97% of outerwear recipients remember the advertiser
  • Nearly 31% of U.S. consumers are more likely to do business with advertisers after receiving a promotional item from them