About Us

About Us

The first thing to know “About Us” is that nothing we do…is “About Us”. It is “About You”, our advocates, our cheerleaders, our clients. Because we believe in making the way you buy and use promotional products as easy as possible, we have a lot of fun creating and producing the coolest campaigns that not only measure engagement but also make you look super cool too!


And you are not the only people that have taken notice. Our industry’s international association, PPAI, has recognized Edventure three times in the past five years by awarding us with BEST PROMOTIONAL Campaign for our B2B client projects and even for BEST SELF-PROMO for promoting the Edventure brand. After all, if we can’t do it for ourselves, how can we do it for you, right? (Just take a look at the video to your right and see for yourself).


Now getting back to you, it’s because of your kind words and advocacy that Edventure has grown. Your referrals alone have been responsible for our steady growth over the past seven years. So, thank you very much for your confidence in us to provide your colleagues, associates, friends and everyone else with something special.


Whether it’s our amazing resourcefulness, our ability to curate the best products and brands for each of your projects, or just how easy we make the process for you to order from us, we appreciate it!


Now that we’re talking about it, you might sing our praises because you can personally relate to a group of fun, funny and focused characters that figured out how to produce promotional product campaigns that will actually measure how much client engagement you can achieve? Or, maybe that’s not it all.


One thing is for certain, we know it’s not all the ‘behind-the-scenes’ stuff, because, well…that’s the roll-up-our-sleeves dirty work you’re not supposed to see. You know, like perfecting the graphic designs and proofs before you see your first versions or pre-curating the curated collections we send to you for approval. And then there’s managing the most sophisticated, industry-specific ecommerce/order management system our industry has to offer. If we bothered you will all that stuff, it wouldn’t seem easy for you which is the whole point of working with us.


That’s why our Education is such a big focus of our service to you. The more you know, the better…especially since there is a right way to use promotional products and a not-so-right way. Of course, we ALWAYS want you to get a return on your objective.


For the past ten years, we’ve been perfecting all the good stuff you see so you can have fun and enjoy the process. If it’s a burden or hassle to you, then what’s the point, right?


We look forward to continuing to improve our already amazing service to keep you achieving your objectives. 


AND, we really care about looking out for everybody's well-being too:

Edventure Promotion's Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

 Our Commitment to Ethical and Responsible Conduct

Our company believes we must not only meet the expectations of our customers and consumers, we must exceed those expectations. To that end, we have adopted standards for the safety, quality and integrity of our products and processes and we are committed to respecting the rights of individuals and protecting the environment. We are dedicated to complying with all applicable laws and to conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner.

Product Safety

We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding safety of products we sell. We will meet applicable recognized voluntary industry standards for our products and processes.

No Abuse Of Labor

We will not use any form of forced labor, including indentured, prison, bonded or slave labor. We will not use physical or verbal harassment or abuse to discipline employees.

No Child Labor

We will not use child labor. We will comply with all minimum age provisions of applicable laws and regulations.

Freedom Of Association

We respect the rights of employees to associate or organize without fear of reprisal or interference. If employees are represented by an organization recognized under law, we respect the right to bargain collectively.

No Discrimination

We will not discriminate in hiring and employment practices on the basis of age, nationality, race, religion, social or ethnic orientation, gender or disability.

Hours And Wages

We will comply with all applicable wage, work hours, hiring, benefits, and overtime laws and regulations. In the absence of law in a particular location relating to product safety, labor, employment, environment or working conditions, the spirit and intent of these policies shall be met.

Workplace Conditions

We will provide a safe, healthy and secure workplace. We will abide by all applicable laws and regulations for safety and health. Proper sanitation, lighting, ventilation and fire safety protection will be provided.


We abide by all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We will manage our environmental footprint to minimize the adverse impact on the environment. We will manage our energy, water and waste systems for maximum efficiency and minimal adverse impact on the environment.

Subcontractors And Sources

We require all businesses that support our business as subcontractors, manufacturers or sources of goods to comply with all of the same policies stated in our Commitment to Ethical and Responsible Conduct Policy. All subcontractors and suppliers are required to comply with all applicable and national laws. We expect those businesses to develop and implement internal business procedures to ensure compliance with our policy.

PPAI News Press Release

About Ed

As founder and president of Edventure Promotions, Inc., Ed Levy's inventiveness, imagination and insatiable interest in technological trends continue to drive the measurable, memorable campaigns he creates for his diverse client base. Built primarily through referrals since starting out in 2000, EPI's client portfolio includes The Art Institute of Chicago, Walsh Group and World President's Org, to name a few of the many nationally recognized brands, as well as Cramer-Krasselt and Energy BBDO on the agency side.

In 1993 Ed combined his retail real estate experience and his sales and marketing skills with a start-up screen-printing company, Midwest Screen Printing (MWS). Soon thereafter, MWS merged with Uniforms to You (UTY), an international uniform manufacturer, to expand its non-uniform market reach. Powered with a national sales force of 94 professionals in 29 states and bureaucracy to match, Ed's entrepreneurial skills were honed to new levels. Ed's division was spun-off in 1996 through the acquisition of Sharprint, a competing Chicago-based screen-printing company. Leading the Sales and Marketing efforts, Ed catapulted revenues over ten fold within four years.

In 2010 Edventure Promotions received a PYRAMID Award for "Best Self Promotion" within the Promotional Products Industry Association (PPAI) and won the Spirit Award, the Advertising Specialty International's (ASI) highest honor within the same category. We then went on to repeat in 2011 and 2013.